BESM Retro Second Edition RPG plus BESM 4E Expansions

Created by Dyskami Publishing

After being out of print for over 20 years, the Big Eyes, Small Mouth multi-genre anime RPG is back in a Retro Second Edition!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Ship Has Landed – BESM Retro Freight Update
23 days ago – Thu, May 02, 2024 at 11:14:22 AM

Happy Thursday, backers! Just a brief shipping update today. The BESM Retro RPG and BESM Fourth Edition expansions have completed their ocean voyages from the printer and they have arrived in the US port (and cleared customs).

The products still need to make their way to the warehouse before rewards are shipped to individual backers, though – well ahead of the announced schedule! US and non-EU international backers will have their pledges shipped in the coming weeks after receipt, with Canadian shipments expected by the end of May. For EU backers, we’ll have a batch of products shipped to our EU warehouse and sent to your addresses from there; consequently, you can expect to receive your pledges in June.

We’ll post another update closer to the end of May. Until then, take care and thanks for your ongoing support!

PS. The BackerKit pledge manage is closing tomorrow, so if your in the 5% of backers that hasn’t completed your survey yet be sure to do so today!

BESM Retro Kickstarter Digital Reward Fulfilment
2 months ago – Sat, Mar 23, 2024 at 10:20:18 AM

Thank you for the incredible early response to the BESM Retro/Expansions BackerKit surveys: 83% of all backers have completed their surveys already. So we have some great news: we are sending the digital rewards download links from DriveThruRPG TODAY! 🥳

Links will only be sent to backers that have already completed their BackerKit survey in full (and successfully remitted any outstanding fees) because we have already exported the survey report. Any late surveys not yet completed will be processed for the next wave of rewards next week or in a wave thereafter.

Before anyone reaches out to us to indicate they haven’t received their rewards yet, please read the following carefully.

➡️ The DriveThruRPG emails may take several hours to send since there are so many copies being distributed. The files are also being sent individually, so if you pledged at a higher tier you may receive many emails with all the products and stretch goals. You should receive everything in the next few hours, though.

➡️ If you didn’t complete your BackerKit survey yesterday’s deadline, you won’t receive the email yet. You can check the status of your survey by clicking on your survey link from the original BackerKit email (or get a new one at

➡️ The download links are sent to the email address on file with Kickstarter and/or BackerKit. This may be different than the email address you use normally. Please check spam filters, too.

➡️ If the emails are sent to an address different than the one you use with your DriveThru account, there’s no problem! The links can be still be used without any problem by logging into your DriveThru account before you click on the links.

➡️ If your Kickstarter email is the same as your DriveThru email, the download links will also conveniently appear in our DriveThru inbox. Once you log into your account, you can retrieve your inbox messages here:

➡️ If you still don’t seem to have all the download link emails after waiting several hours, but you’re confident that you should have them because you completed the BackerKit survey by Friday’s deadline, please email [email protected] directly with as much detail as you can. This will allow us to address your situation quickly and efficiently. Please do not send us Kickstarter messages, or post in the campaign comments section, or post on social media. If you have issues that you want us to address, [email protected] is always the best way to reach us.

We hope you enjoy the digital rewards! Please spread the word about our late backer pre-order page to your friends and gaming communities:

Have a wonderful weekend!

BESM Retro Kickstarter Surveys are Starting
2 months ago – Mon, Mar 11, 2024 at 05:41:53 PM

Hey, BESM fans! It’s time for a BESM Retro Second Edition (and BESM Fourth Edition expansions) Kickstarter fulfilment update.

We have been working with BackerKit to get the surveys ready and we are starting the process today. Following their guidelines, the survey will first be sent to a small selection of backer as part of a “smoke test” to ensure everything is running smoothly with the process. Only a few dozen people will receive this initial survey today – so don’t be concerned if you don’t receive one. If you do receive it, though, it would be very helpful if you could complete your pledge promptly so we can verify the process.

Starting tomorrow or Wednesday if everything runs without problems, the survey will be sent  to all remaining backers. We ask that you complete this BackerKit survey no later than Friday, March 22nd to avoid delays fulfilling your pledge. It doesn’t matter which pledge tier you selected (even if it’s only for PDF products) – the deadline remains the same for every backer.

DriveThruRPG digital download links for your pledged products will be emailed to you during the week of March 23rd-29th. Physical rewards are expected to ship in this summer, likely in June or July (we’ll provide updates as production proceeds).

REMEMBER: You won’t receive your digital or physical rewards without completing the BackerKit survey!

As a reminder, with the BackerKit survey, you can:

  • Confirm or change your pledge tier
  • Top up your pledge funds to select one or more add-on products
  • Remit shipping fees for any additional physical rewards in your pledge
  • Provide your mailing address for shipping physical rewards

Contacting Dyskami for Support

If you have any questions about any aspects relating to this Kickstarter that isn’t addressed in this update – seriously, ANY and ALL aspects – please email [email protected] directly with as much detail as you can. This will allow us to address your situation quickly and efficiently. Please do not send us Kickstarter messages, or post in the campaign comments section, or post on social media. If you have issues that you want us to address, [email protected] is always the best way to reach us. Always.

Thanks for supporting BESM Retro Second Edition and BESM Fourth Edition expansions! Have a great week.

3 months ago – Wed, Feb 21, 2024 at 07:00:11 PM

What a great Kickstarter campaign this has been!

Over the 23 days, 571 of you collectively pledged for $58,375!

Your support unlocked 5 stretch goals to make our products even better. Thank you so very much for your faith in our ability to deliver quality expansions and accessories for your gaming tables, whether they be actual or virtual.

And because the campaign almost made it to the final $60K milestone, we have unlocked one of the two stretch goals anyway as our gift to you: we will send a free print copy of the BESM Character Folio to all backers pledging $100+ (before shipping fees are considered, of course). Thanks for pulling together to make it a spectacular finish! 

So tonight (and probably tomorrow!) Dyskami relaxes. Kickstarter will be doing its thing processing pledges shortly, and we will follow up with everyone in the coming weeks about opening the BackerKit survey. Until then, sit tight.

Thank you, and good night.

Half Way to $60K Stretch Goals and $20 in BESM Gifts! Plus Ending Preparations
3 months ago – Tue, Feb 20, 2024 at 06:58:18 PM

A flurry of recent new pledges and pledge increases has pushed BESM campaign funding to over $55K, or half-way to the two gifts (worth $20 in value) unlocked at $60K. There’s still a full day remaining before the campaign ends tomorrow (Wednesday February 21st). Thank you for seeing this Kickstarter through its final days!

Preparing For The Campaign’s End

With only hours remaining in the campaign, we thought providing you suggestions and reminders about what you can do to prepare for the end would be helpful.

Check Your Credit Card For Space

Kickstarter will charge the credit card you entered when you made the pledge promptly after the Kickstarter ends at 10 pm EST (-5 GMT). Why not double check NOW to ensure you have enough credit space available so your pledge funding isn’t denied? If you need to use a different card with more credit space, you can easily make that adjustment now as well (see instructions below).

Adjust Your Pledge To Get Everything You Want

If you need to use a different credit card, or you want to add on items to your pledge, or you want to change your pledge tier (perhaps from a lower tier to the $175+ COMPLETIONIST tier or above to qualify for those awesome bonus stretch goals!), here are the easy steps to follow:

  • Visit the Kickstarter campaign page and log in
  • Click the green “Manage Your Pledge” button at the top of the page
  • Click the blue “Update Payment Method” button at the top if you need to enter a different credit card
  • Click the blue “Change Your Pledge” button at the bottom if you want to select a new tier or add on items
  • Select the new pledge tier that you want, or keep the one you have – then press the green “Pledge” button
  • Select any new add ons that you want to include with your pledge, then click the green “Continue” button at the bottom
  • Read through the summary of changes to ensure everything is correct, then click the green “Confirm Changes” button

The BIG Problem With AppleID Private Relays

If you use an AppleID with the Private Relay feature to login to Kickstarter (for those who log in with their ApplePay account, rather than a normal username and password), you may not receive your BackerKit survey email when we send them in March. We cannot ship your rewards or send your DriveThru download codes until you complete your survey. It would be ideal if you instead change your Kickstarter login email address NOW to an actual real email address instead. (To do this, click the button in the top right corner, select “Settings”, then change your email address.)

If you prefer to not do this, however, you’ll need to contact us directly after the BackerKit surveys are sent with your actual email address so we can manually process your survey email link. It’s not difficult, of course, but it may delay you receiving those awesome BESM digital rewards that are part of your pledge.

Create a DriveThruRPG Account

If you don’t have a DriveThruRPG account, you won’t receive your digital PDF rewards. Why not create an account NOW if you don’t have one (at It’s best if your DriveThru account email matches your Kickstarter account email – you can easily change your Kickstarter email address at any time – but not required.

In March, we will be sending DriveThru PDF download codes to your Kickstarter email address. If your DriveThru email matches your Kickstarter email, these download codes will also appear in your DriveThru inbox even if the email we send it send to your spam folder (which sometimes happens, especially if you have a Hotmail email account). Otherwise, you may not automatically receive your download codes when the other backers do, and we’ll need to work with you to retrieve the download codes that we sent to your Kickstarter email address.

We hope this handy guide helps make finalising your BESM Retro Second Edition and BESM Fourth Edition expansions Kickstarter pledge easier. If you have questions, post them in the comments section or email us at [email protected].